Mjukglass i våffla med sylt och grädde från Slagsta Glass

Slagsta Glass

Just outside Torshälla lies Eskilstuna's favorite ice cream café, Slagsta Glass. The Johansson family opened Slagsta Glass back in 1938 and today it is the founder's son who makes the soft ice cream from the old recipes.

The best ice cream in Eskilstuna

Cold ice cream on a hot summer day may very well be one of the most satisfying feelings ever. And no ice cream beats the soft ice cream that is beeing served at Slagsta Glass, atleast if you ask the inhabitants of Eskilstuna.

Out of all the ice creams at Slagsta Glass "the classic" comes with the highest recommendation. The combination with jam and cream has become a natural favorite and perhaps what still characterizes a true Slagsta Ice cream. On the menu there are many variants of the popular "shells", such as cheesecake shell, mango shell or licorice shell, but there are also milkshakes and coffee drinks. This is the perfect outing for anyone who love ice cream.


Phone: +46 16-132457

E-mail: glass@slagstaglass.com

Address: Torshällavägen 125, 633 47 Eskilstuna

Web: slagstaglass.com (SWE)