Händer med öl i glas på pub

O'Learys Sports Bar

O'learys is a centrally located bar in Eskilstuna for anyone who enjoys watching sports, drinking beer, and eating tasty burgers and chicken wings

Enjoy sports and American food

On Nybrogatan in central Eskilstuna, you'll find the classic sports bar O'Learys, a restaurant and bar in American style. With over 80 restaurants in Sweden, O'Learys is a well-known spot for sports enthusiasts, where the combination of sports, American food, and a friendly atmosphere is distinctive. In Eskilstuna, you can enjoy a delicious burger while watching your favorite sport on one of the restaurant's many TV screens.


Phone: +46 16-14 25 17

E-mail: eskilstuna@olearys.se

Address: Nybrogatan 5, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: olearys.se/en-us