Sundbyholm's Castle

Sundbyholms slott, is a castle located by Lake Mälaren, and is a unique scenic castle environment which you can enjoy all year round. Sundbyholm slott is the perfect location to have your romantic castle wedding, a fun company party with a viking dinner or a rewarding conference.

Scenic environment by Lake Mälaren

Sundbyholms slott is an excellent location for your romantic castle wedding, a fun company party with a viking dinner or a rewarding conference for the company. The castle offers a unique and wonderful environment all year round in the form of, among other things, the castle park, the long sandy beach and the award-winning marina.

Hotel rooms from the 17th century to the 21st century

At Sundbyholms slott you will find both modern and historic hotel buildings. The castle building itself consists of a restaurant, banquet hall and breakfast room. All accommodation is in different buildings in the castle area and you will find everything from smaller double rooms to luxury suites.

Food and beverages at the castle

In the castle restaurant you can eat quality food and at the same time enjoy the nice castle environment. The menu is largely seasonal and almost everything is prepared from scratch in the castle kitchen or baked in the castle's patisserie. During the winter season, tasty Christmas smorgasbord are offered, some occasions with exciting murder mysteries. Sundbyholm slott also offers afternoon tea with lots of goodies baked by the castle's own confectioners.

Bistro in the castle vault

June 18, 2021, Sundbyholm Castle opened the gates of a bistro in the castle vaults, Slottsvalven bistro & bar. The menu offers simpler dishes such as noodles, stews and grilled sandwiches.

Everything from kickoff to weddings

At this castle, on the southern shore of Lake Mälaren, you can plan everything from a company party or kickoff to an anniversary party and wedding. Create your future memories in the castle and its surrounding unique environment.

Tourist information at the hotel reception

Sundbyholms slott is an authorised InfoPoint. This means that you can find maps and brochures about places to visit, activities and events nearby, as well as receive assistance with simpler questions about Eskilstuna.

The castle offers unique meeting and conference opportunities and the staff has extensive experience as a conference organizer. You have alot of options when having a meeting or conference at Sundbyholm Castle. It can be an extended business lunch or a mansion conference where you have your own mansion with meeting rooms, libraries and suites. At Sundbyholms slott, you can plan meetings and conferences for up to 250 people. You will find a large selection of activities and theme dinners for your meeting or conference group, for example viking dinner, 18th century masquerade ball or murder mysteries.

Photo: Sundbyholms slott

Conference room at Sundbyhols slott

Eskilstuna Convention Bureau helps you arrange your meeting in Eskilstuna

Quick facts

Meeting capacity: 250 participants
Meeting rooms: 14 rooms
Accommodation: 109 rooms
Dinner: 280 guests
Location: 12 km to Eskilstuna C


Phone: + 46 16-42 84 00

E-mail: info@sundbyholms-slott.se

Address: Sundbyholms slott 635 08, Eskilstuna

Web: sundbyholms-slott.se